The Hawkins Gold Property is located in northern Ontario, 80 km south-southwest of the town of Hearst, Ontario. The Property is located 140 km east-northeast of the producing Hemlo Gold Mine and 205 km northwest of the city of Timmins, Ontario.

Hawkins Project
Hawkins Project

The Hawkins Property is comprised of 918 contiguous single cell mining claims plus 19 contiguous boundary cell mining claims for a total of approximately 19,478 ha that spans Ermine, Derry, Hawkins, Walls, Minnipuka, Legge and Puskuta Townships. E2Gold Inc. acquired its initial interest in the Property through an option agreement dated January 28, 2020 to acquire a 100% interest in Pavey Ark Minerals Inc.’s (“Pavey Ark’s”) Hawkins Property that comprised 400 contiguous single cell mining claims plus 19 boundary cell claims and includes the McKinnon Gold Deposit. Subsequent to the Pavey Ark Option agreement, E2Gold acquired an additional 518 contiguous mining claims in Ermine and Derry Townships on the west side of the Property.


The Hawkins Property has been sporadically explored for gold beginning with the discovery of the Taylor Prospect in 1923. The Property hosts the former Shenango Gold Mine that produced intermittently between 1937 and 1945. Exploration by Falconbridge Limited from 1983 to 1986 was the most comprehensive exploration program on the Property with drilling and trenching defining an auriferous shear zone with values of 0.5 to 4.0 g/t Au (grams per tonne gold) over 4 to 30 m widths along a 3.7 km trend.


The Hawkins Gold Property is underlain by predominately Archean rocks of the Kabinakagami Lake greenstone belt that is part of the Wawa Subprovince of the Superior Province in the Canadian Shield. This east-west trending belt is 1 to 6 km wide and composed of predominantly metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks. The Property straddles the 1 km wide Puskuta Deformation Zone that is a steeply-dipping, dextral, transcurrent deformation zone that on a regional scale bounds the south side of the Kabinakagami Lake greenstone belt and controls the location of gold mineralization.

The Hawkins Property covers over 60 km of strike length of the Puskuta Deformation Zone. The Puskuta Deformation Zone is interpreted as a gold mineralized fault structure that potentially links the Destor-Porcupine Deformation Zone to the east with the Hemlo Deformation Zone to the west. The McKinnon Deposit has characteristics of shear-hosted orogenic gold deposits in a medium metamorphic grade environment.


Gold mineralization on the Hawkins Property is mainly associated with the sheared contact of the tonalite and adjacent mafic metavolcanic rocks to the north. Mineralization is associated with sericite-pyrite-silica alteration and higher gold values are generally found in felsic rocks that have been highly silicified. The main zone of gold mineralization on the Property is named the McKinnon Gold Deposit.

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